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I have the strongest urge to break away from my noisy life this week and just sit in the church.  I’ve asked Fr. G and he has said that if someone is at the church I can get in there.  I think it’s because I want some practice, some quiet.  It’s the toe in the water instead of just jumping in.  I’ve never liked just jumping in fast. Everyone says it’s the quickest way to feel comfortable with water colder than my skin and they are probably right.  I’m in no hurry though, at least as I consider it this morning in the light of day. I am eager to do well, to understand more, to have a spiritual home of sorts and yet I need to allow myself time to do well, to understand more and to feel at home in that spiritual house.

So, I want to go and sit here, visit a little when it’s not dinner time, so that I can get the layout of the house, I can practice my dinnertime small talk and know which chair is most comfortable for me.