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Whenever a new social media outlet opens up I give it a look. Nine times out of ten I will join it and then half the time I ignore it for a good long while until I figure out what it’s “for.”

Facebook is a neighborhood with winding conversations taking place over the fence between our cyber yards and sometimes across the alley behind the house. Facebook is more or less static and it took me some time to decide what the decor would look like. Even so, I spend a lot of time there.

Twitter is a bus ride, bouts of fast banter and I took to that easily. I spend a lot of time there too but I don’t linger the way I might on Facebook, catching up and peeking into my neighbors’ windows.

But Pinterest was puzzling.

I didn’t think I’d get into it to be honest. I’m not super craftsy and style more often than not is a group of words on a page to me instead of referring to what I’m wearing or hanging in my kitchen. It was with an odd sense of awe and wonder that I perused it one night for a longer time than I care to admit. It might have been hours. And I don’t even know what I saw or learned but still, I pinned stuff, lots of stuff. It was weird.

Now, several months later I think I’m getting the hang of it. Like some delicacies, it’s an acquired taste I guess and it appears I’ve acquired it. Just to keep things interesting amongst the recipes and craftsy stuff I’ve created a board to help the fellow traveler who decides to read my book.

So, if Pinterest is your bag and you’ve got a copy of Nearly Orthodox burning a hole on your nightstand then feel free to check out the virtual and pictorial field guide I’ve got posted there.

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If Pinterest is your bag and you do NOT have a copy of the book then get thee to my publisher’s website and pick it up, friend!

Click the pretty book cover to make that happen.



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