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I always like to remind myself that “transition” is the shortest, albeit the most painful part of natural childbirth. I like to keep that in mind as I struggle through times of change so I can keep moving and find a new kind of rhythm.

2020 has been full of transition, for all of us, obviously, but also for me personally and professionally COVID aside. So leave it to December to keep with the program. There’s something to be said for consistency, I suppose!

So, in light of that, here’s the latest transition. While it’s been a lovely time spent here at Ancient Faith with fellow travellers for the last number of years, and I am grateful for the collaboration, Ancient Faith has decided to “prune” its offerings at this time.

Beginning in January 2021, the Nearly Orthodox blog will appear on its own URL, rather than keeping its home on Ancient Faith. In addition, The Wilderness Journal podcast will no longer be a part of Ancient Faith programming. All the previous episodes will be removed, as I understand it, in January 2021.

The good news is that you will still be able to find all the Nearly Orthodox content at after that time. I hope to see you there!

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers, support, and care. I always thank God for you, my online Orthodox community.

in Christ,


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