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thirsting for God…

I’ve begun a book suggested by a twitter friend called “Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells” by Matthew Gallatin.

Ok so here’s the thing.  I’m only in the first section of the book, written as memoir he has an interesting story. At this point he’s been through the denominational wringer so to speak. This is a man in search of “truth.”  It’s funny, I have never sought “truth.”

I wonder if it’s because I was raised Catholic. I mean that in a good, rather than condemning way. Being raised Catholic I understood myself born into a tradition much much older than myself. I knew who I was because I knew my tradition. I never wondered if it was “true.”  I’m an intuitive, not an intellectual. I like that ’bout me.

The trouble is, when I left Catholicism it wasn’t because it ceased to be “true” or because of an intellectual pursuit. It was an intuitive move, it was rooted in my growing up, my maturing but it was intuitive at it’s deepest level.

What I like about this book is that the author has done this footwork already. By articulating his struggle he helps me to continue to lay some foundation for this wild ride.  I never thought to ask about “truth” so I’m thankful he has done so.

As I think about “truth” even now as I explore what it means to be Orthodox I am unmoved by the word. I’m not seeking “truth” I’m seeking connection.  It very well could be that “truth” is absent and I don’t realize it, I have no idea. I do know that it’s comforting to me to be involved in a tradition rooted in the early church, that the time spent as a people whether it is Divine Liturgy or Vespers has it’s feet firmly planted in soil that has not ceased to nourish even now…