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The Algorithm Knows

I'm alarmed at how many "auto pay" notices I'm getting. Each time I look at them I kick myself for being gullible and purchasing yet another subscription for an exercise program or hydration tracker or recipe app. Here's a confession–

Instagram ads work on me. They just do. Facebook and Twitter ads make me angry or offended but for some reason Instagram just seems to "get" me. That is why I keep buying these programs. I see myself in the ads for that new "movement" program that "ANYONE CAN DO!" And then I download it, open it, try it once and never look at it again. When the yearly auto-renew shows up I remember it's there and cancel but it's too late. I'm $30 lighter in my account and already lined up for the next Instagram ad, the next failed attempt, the next auto-renew. Unlike most other New Years, I'm in an unfamiliar brain space this year and that's a good thing. As this year draws to a close I have a new semi-ascetic practice I'm undertaking. Instead of blaming the advertisers for showing me things I have clearly proven to the AI I am prone to act upon, how about I start to change the algorithm? Each time I see an ad for another thing I'm inclined to click on I'm going to tell the advertiser no. It's as easy as clicking, honestly. On Instagram, for example, I click the three dots at the top of the ad. It asks me if I want to "Hide Ad" and I click that. It asks me why and I choose, "It's Irrelevant." Because it is.

Apart from hiding from the world and living in a cave, there's no way I'll avoid advertising so why not decide what might be relevant for myself. I need to stop clicking on things that hurt me financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, yes. This year I am focused on making clear what I like, what I want. I'm choosing my own adventure. I mean, it might not work, but it's better than complacency.