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Seeing through the progressive lens…


As a testimony to the accumulation of my years, I have graduated to progressive lenses. I’ve had them a couple of weeks, and I confess that I just can’t work ’em out. Everything is blurry except in one little spot in the middle. I have watched YouTube videos and asked opinions from fellow glasses wearers. I have practiced with them, going up and down stairs, working on the computer, reading a book, making dinner. Nothing seems to keep my wandering eyes from gravitating toward the blurry spots.

I keep trying to make the blurry spots pop into focus, but nothing seems to help. One politically conservative friend joked to me that if I just switched to conservative lenses perhaps things would become clearer. Haha. I love that guy, I really do. His comment did give me an idea, though, apart from the idea that springing for progressive lenses are an expensive way to discover that I don’t like progressive lenses.

The optometrist did mention that at first the glasses, by design, have this tunnel vision thing going on, but I did not expect it to be this severe. I promise I’m going to take them back to make sure they got it right, and it’s not just me and my slow acclimation to being progressive and such.

But because I can’t leave ideas on the side of the road it got me to pondering tunnel vision and clarity (and taking the glasses back to the store.)

I’m excited to say that a quick Google search of the words, “Bible” and “tunnel vision” brought up a plethora of awesome, including but not limited to a number of books about the end times. Not what I was looking for but, hey, what did I expect really?

Thankfully, they were not terribly compelling in their logic. Fear is a turn-off. I am not motivated by fear, except when I’m trying to get my boys out the front door, so they don’t miss the bus, because if they miss the bus then I have to drive them and if I drive them I’ll be stuck in traffic and THAT is stressful.

Stress is just embodied fear after all and I don’t need any more stress. So, no thank you, End Times book. I’ll stick with my rightfully made tunnel vision, the one that looks like a pinpoint of clarity in a foggy and fuzzy grocery store line.

Have I mentioned that I hate to grocery shop? I hate to shop, pretty much for anything actually, but groceries are my special stress place. There is so much to look at, so much to see. Twelve kinds of cereal bars? Um, yeah, no idea. I close my eyes and just pick one and hope it does the job, and, usually it does, because it’s cereal bars and my kids eat like locusts descending on the crops.

It all comes back to prayer. You knew that was coming, right? It does though because that’s the only way I can focus, looking through that lens and training my eyes to see in a new way, with clarity as if for the first time. When I put on the new sunglasses I ordered (not progressive, just near-sighted single lens) I gasped. I mean that. My son was a little wigged out. My new near-sighted prescription was far stronger than the one I got two years ago. I was 1)sad that I had lost that much ground with my sight and 2)amazed that I could now make out individual leaves on the trees again.

Again. It’s been a long time since I remember those leaves outlined like that.

It’s a strange feeling, clarity. What I failed to appreciate in taking on the new progressive lenses was the new clarity and strength I was gaining. In a way, it’s like taking on a new tradition

(cough) Orthodoxy (cough)

Trying to pile on the new prescription and the new lens is harder than I expected and there may be some adjustments, some time needed, maybe even some separating of elements– near and far sight– for a season. But if what I’m looking for is clarity, at least there is something to be learned in the process. That’s the light I’m going to focus on as I stumble through this tunnel.

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