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I’m an introvert. Most people who know me will say I hide that well and I guess I do. I’m an extroverted introvert. I can be outgoing-ish and I can handle myself in a group of people but I’m completely worn out for meeting people.  I don’t mind being IN FRONT of a large group, I’m a performer. Being IN a large group is hard for me.

I’m afraid of a number of things as I explore this path. One is people. I’m afraid of people. It’s very hard for me to meet and get to know new people. I’ve been in Nashville for 5 years now and I know a great number of new people. Only a handful really know me. I’m very afraid of being vulnerable, very afraid of being hurt.

The people who walk through this at Holy Trinity are going to be important to me, at least they SHOULD be in my estimation. This is a big deal, a long road. I’m going to need a kindred spirit or two in which to place my trust.  This is a decision I make, not luck, not sign from God. The people are there, I will need to recognize them on the road when they open the scriptures to me. I pray for that today.