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light from light….

I’ve had votives on the altar for months now, always unlit. I can give you a list of excuses about that…my poor wandering brain may forget to blow them out and they’d cause a fire, I can’t find matches, I found matches but the wick is too low…it’s more that up until now I’ve been reluctant to call attention to myself when I’m praying. Somehow lighting a match at my house is a siren call to all three of my boys. It’s as though they can sense it in their skin no matter where they are in the house.

But yesterday I did light them…without even thinking about it much. I felt desperate having gotten hard news about a friend from a phone call and then hard news about a relative from another phone call and then good but stressful news about our own situation. I had to close my eyes for a minute I was so overwhelmed just then. I said out loud, to myself, to God, to any small humans in the vicinity, “I have no idea what to do with all of this.”

So I lit a candle or three…and I waited…and watched, saying little, saying nothing, the woman at the tomb, not sure why she came yet certain it was something, perhaps the least she could do.