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Inquiry Seeking Wisdom

The first piece of creative non-fiction I ever had published appeared in Saint Katherine Review. The journal was new and the editor at the time was my friend, Scott Cairns. Back then, though, we didn’t know each other very well, so the fact of our acquaintance didn’t hold much sway.

And, in truth, I didn’t send that piece to SKR because Scott was the editor, I sent it because Kathleen Norris was the CNF editor, and she is the reason I began to write non-fiction at all. Kathleen’s book, Dakota, was a foundational part of my identity as a woman, as a Christian, and as a writer. I still look at the notes in the margins of that book, and the notes in the margins of the subsequent books she’s written.

I sent the piece, a short reflection about my exploration of Orthodoxy, with great fear and trembling. That piece, “Body and Blood” ended up appearing in Nearly Orthodox years later. My first “yes” came from a writer I love and admire, and it appeared in a journal begun by a poet I love and admire. I had two other non-fiction pieces published in SKR.

The journal went on hiatus for a year or maybe bit more beginning in 2015. When it restarted in 2016, the new editorial lineup was still taking shape. I had found my way back to my first love, fiction writing. Saint Katherine Review took two flash pieces from me, and I waited, as we do when work gets picked up, for the newly refurbished Review to find its way to my mailbox.

Under the guidance and leadership of Fr. Kaleeg Hainsworth and Gaelan Gilbert, SKR was given new life, a fresh website, a beautiful aesthetic, and a chance to re-enter the literary world to give voice to the mission of “Inquiry Seeking Wisdom.”

In March, I was asked to become the Creative Non-Fiction editor, to work alongside Scott Cairns now serving as the Poetry Editor and to help the journal find its feet again. And, of course, I said, “yes.”  I could not imagine a better fit. It’s something I enjoyed immensely over the summer and into the early fall.

Then, in August, I was asked to become the new managing editor so that Gaelan Gilbert could move into a more senior role as Editor alongside Fr. Kaleeg. I was pretty sure they were confusing me with someone else, someone who was more qualified or efficient or punctual, but no, I was assured they actually meant to call on me for this auspicious task.

And so I said, “yes” because to work in this capacity for a couple of editors I love and admire, alongside a poet who I love and admire for a journal that I love and admire feels almost like a dream. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I could cry sitting here writing this. You know I’m a crier, so what?

My hope is that you will consider reading the work we put together as we move forward into the great publishing landscape with Saint Katherine Review. I hope that you will consider subscribing to the review to help us make possible the revelation of beautiful work by worthy contributors.

And if you are a writer I hope you will send us your work to consider, knowing that we read every word with great care and that we know how difficult it is to create and then to share that work. We are eager to read what you have written.

Please share the lovely work of Saint Katherine Review far and wide, friends. Issue 5.3 releases next week. We’re on Facebook and Twitter if you want to find us and chat.

May it be greatly blessed.

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