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Holy Tuesday: Clearing Clutter

Clearing Clutter
He who is greatest among you shall be your servant; whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. -Matthew 23:11

A few weeks ago I had this great idea. I looked at the crazy clutter of things on my desk that defined my next few weeks and I thought I’d get a jump on posts for Holy Week. I thought that I’d write a short post for each day of Holy Week because you know, I’m super busy and such and that pile of bills and projects and everything kept nagging at me. I kept thinking what a great time saver that would be and then the pressure to actually produce something interesting and meaningful to someone other than myself would subside.

Best laid plans, eh?

Or maybe not. As it turns out, April included a lot more on the to-do list and a great deal of travel. My great idea to get a jump on interesting and meaningful posts was left by the wayside and by the time I turned back to pick it up, I was already here, in the moment. And there is some tangible gift in that, it seems.

Rather than abandon posting altogether I thought I’d give it a try, off the cuff, in the moment and all that. My fingers hovered over the keyboard a long time this morning as my list of things I need to accomplish kept expanding all the while. Emails streamed in, the telephone rang, calendar alerts chimed and I rubbed my fingers on the laptop keyboard just waiting for some words to come.

The readings today in from Matthew contain a number of “woe to you” words. Woe to you, hypocrites! Woe to you, Pharisees! I interjected my own as I read them, “woe to you, procrastinator!” but really, then I read it again. This time, it was the verse about humility that stuck out most keenly. I set aside the woe for a minute, like pushing the paperwork from my overcrowded desk so that I could see the grain again.

And in this, that best-laid plan is revealed as inconsequential after all. Things will always be busy, that to-do list won’t end, the pile of paperwork will need completing, but here are a few minutes to listen in, to pay attention, to clear away the clutter so that I can see the long grain of the oak desk in front of me. I reach back to Holy Monday and the feel of the stones in my hand and let that root me once again to this temporary space, and today, on Holy Tuesday with the admonition toward humility ringing in my ears, I find my fingers hovering here waiting for words, and I find my breath, shallow and tentative, and I find my spirit waiting in this one quiet moment of the morning. All the planning and good intentions and best-laid plans in the world mean little if I can’t take this time, here, now, to enter in and so, I do. Deep breath, my people, make room for these moments.

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