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Day Four: Choice

In ancient Rome there was a poem About a dog who found two bones He picked at one He licked the other He went in circles He dropped dead Freedom of choice Is what you got Freedom of choice! -“Freedom of Choice” Devo

The topic for today’s blog challenge was left up to the writer, an open theme, write what you like and that kind of sucks frankly. I’ve typed and backspaced more than I like to admit. I thought about topics like gluttony and greed, prayer and pound cake but each time I backspaced, deleted or saved as a draft just in case that particular topic comes up later in the season.

I can’t even hear the word “choice” without humming the bass line to that Devo song. It’s true. Sometimes I blast that song while I’m driving not caring at all who catches me as I sing along. It strikes me as funny now when I think about how angry and rebellious I have felt most of my life, not wanting to be told what to do, always looking to make my own choices, to be different, to be my own person and I have done that, I have been that, I am my own person. Still, it’s important to remember that in this culture the idea of choice is, as Devo points out, something of an illusion.

Choice is our go to word, it represents freedom, it speaks to my need to be in control of my own circumstances but in the end it’s always going to feel like Coke and Pepsi. I may find favor with one over the other, everyone who feels strongly about caramel coloring and carbonation has a clear preference for one over the other, but there really isn’t much of a difference in the long run, it’s all soda pop.

So maybe choice is not so much about what I want, Coke or Pepsi, sink or swim, Republican or Democrat, this bone or that one but more about who I choose to be– kind, forthright, compassionate, dependable. These choices are not illusions. They are the real choices I am faced with day after day, moment after moment, the results of which build up in my emotional and spiritual living room and that seems important.

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