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Day 7: Temple


About 18 years ago I was sitting on a beach in the late afternoon. My husband and I were in Long Beach, California for a video shoot. At that time we were just starting our film production business, we had the ability to travel together to shoots, he would be doing the camera work and I’d run sound and production manage. We were done with our work for the day and we sat on the beach together reading and talking. I had picked up a copy of “Shape” magazine to read on the plane and I leafed through it, staring at the pictures of the super fit women that adorned the pages. It promised me thinner thighs and a firmer belly. It offered up an example of what “fitness” should look like and I found that rather than encouraged, I felt overwhelmed and a little depressed.

“Where are all the normal looking people?” I thought.

It was that day that I decided to pursue becoming a personal trainer. I knew that I was not the only person who longed to be healthy but had no interest or ability to reach the level of the models and athletes in the glossy pages of the magazines and advertising campaigns. I became certified through the American Council on Exercise in Feb 1998 and since that time I’ve worked toward establishing real life goals and expectations for my own body and for that of my clients, most of whom have been women and predominately, Christian women.

In 2000 I developed DoxaSoma, a strength and flexibility practice that incorporates mindful movement and christian prayer. I developed it because I wanted it. I needed it.  I discovered that others I knew also wanted and needed it, a personal practice of mindfulness and movement rooted in a christian tradition. So, I teach this and I teach teachers and sometimes I write about it, developing resources for people to keep reaching toward good health and strong temple building. And I hope that through it all, what we come to is a deeper understanding of the beautiful design of this temple God’s provided.

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