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Day 6: Eden

Oh Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste Brought death into the world, and all our woe With loss of Eden.… (John Milton, Paradise Lost 1.1–4)

The prompt for today being “Eden” led me to consider an essay I wrote not long ago for ArtHouse America – a kind of mash up of Regina Spektor and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

This is a bit of it to chew on for the flavor it the essay:

I listened to Regina Spektor’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Blood of Eden” twelve times in a row in my car as I waited for my oldest son after school one day. I was early for the pick-up line, so I parked just around the corner to wait. I had intended to do my assigned 250 lines of Paradise Lost while I waited. I had intended to read them aloud in the car, pushing through, finding the rhythm until it gave me a headache. I kept missing the point. I kept missing the punctuation. I was rambling around Book VIII, distracted by my disdain for Adam and Eve: their naïveté, their constant pruning and puttering, their soft embraces and kind words were getting on my nerves. What was it about the story of Adam and Eve that made me feel so angry, so frustrated and impatient? When I mentioned it to Robert, he smiled and said, “Ah, yes, the static domestication of eternity!” 

I would have eaten that piece of fruit. I would have listened to that persuasive voice after being cooped up in that garden, digging my fingers in the dirt all day with birds chirping and cattle lowing, no danger, no death, no excitement save the budding trees and bulging clouds. But I was in the school pick-up line, so I listened to Regina Spektor on repeat instead, her voice soft as air, cutting through all the complaint that had been filling me as I tried to read my 250 lines aloud. 

If you’ve got the inclination, check it out the rest of it here at ArtHouse America. They do amazing work. 🙂

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