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Day 30: S’mores

I admit, I had hoped to simply reblog and draw attention to what would most assuredly be an amazing post, maybe even complete with recipes, from OhSheCooks. When I checked her blog for something to steal share though, I came up empty on this front.


You see, I don’t care for S’mores. I just don’t. Go ahead and judge harshly if you wanna. Haters gonna hate. I don’t get the attraction, frankly. The texture is wonky, the taste is overwhelming, the flavors don’t mesh. Clearly, I’ve been watching too much Cake Boss. It’s important for me to say that I do like each of the components of the S’more. I love toasted marshmallow, excellent chocolate and I can eat graham crackers under the right circumstances. I just don’t care for the package deal that S’mores offer.

That being said, if I come to your house for a meal and you offer up a S’mores centered dessert, there is no way I’m going to turn that down. I’m going to eat that dessert and most likely, I’m going to enjoy it thoroughly. Left to my own devices, though, I’d be avoiding S’mores. Give me that lone toasted marshmallow every single time.

Because everything is metaphor to me, I can’t help but draw some connections here, about my own judgments on things, about my tendency to dismiss out of hand too often, based on my bad previous experiences. I think about how often I give a stop sign palm to an experience based only on what I’ve encountered before. It’s easy for me to say, “I know I don’t like this” or “I’ve never liked this” and move on. And yet as I get older I find that I’m faced day after day with confronting my likes and dislikes and I wonder what life looks like when I open myself up to something and encounter it again as if for the first time.

Essentially, that is why I’ll always try your S’mores centered dessert, because I want to be open and willing and encountering it anew.

And because I really like dessert.

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