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Day 29: St Herman of Alaska

I somehow neglected to post yesterday for the blog challenge.

My only excuse is that it was a weird day. If we were talking in person and I knew you really well I’d probably tell you it was a weird effing day and I don’t swear all that much (anymore.) It’s nothing specific, nothing to worry about; odd circumstances, some holiday stress, some free floating anxiety, maybe a bit of hormonal shifting. I know, “too much information.”

In any case, the other excuse I’d offer is that I don’t know all that much about St. Herman. I recognize him though, from the icon that greets me sometimes near what I’m starting to call my church hidey hole. As much as I try to get my boys to venture to the front as much as I try to move forward to the front I find that I am still tethered to the back of the room. It might be like that for a while yet and I’m finding a way to be alright with that.

So, for now, St. Herman of Alaska is the relative I recognize at the family parties and end up sitting next to for one reason or another but never have much to talk about. We’re finding each other at strange times, he likes tying fly fishing lures* and I’m into Pussy Riot. At some point in our relationship I imagine we’ll find our common ground and get to know one another more but for now, I greet him warmly when we invade his space there in the back of the church and it’s enough. He’s as patient as a saint.

*This is an illustration, a complete fabrication folks. I have no way of knowing if he was really into tying fishing lures. 

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