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Day 24: Light

Light of Light, True God of True God, Begotten, not made; of one essence with the Father, by whom all things were made

I like the talk of “essence” though I’ll admit that it reminds me of the film, “The Dark Crystal.” I saw it as a kid and my foggy memory has blotted out some of the finer points but I do remember that we expected more of a “Muppets” vibe because it was Jim Henson and came away a bit shaken at how un Muppet Show like it was. And the second thing I remember is “essence.” In the film the hero, a “gelfling” must find a shard of glass to help restore the natural order of things. The villain steals the “essence” of other living things, the life force, the energy. When it leaves their little muppet like bodies they shrivel up, sometimes dying, sometimes just emptied of life, existing and not much else.

It’s strange how present that memory is for me and how often I think of it. It left quite an impression, that idea of essence. What’s interesting to me today as I consider it is that the villain would contain the essence in small bottles. In his hand he’d hold the bottled essence and it was, for lack of a better word, light- warm and glowing.

I think it’s true of us…non gelflings…that at our essence we too are light, made from the stuff of stars as Carl Sagan would say. We are made from the same materials that made the the heavens and the earth, made by the hands of the Creator who shaped and formed all things that are created.

And I like that idea. We’re more than bone and sinew covered in skin. We’re light, essence, carefully constructed, not like houses but like gardens, real and growing.

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