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Day 15: Ignorance

There are just so many places I could go with the prompt today. So many.

When I hear the word, “ignorance” I think first of a kind of innocence. I think of the time my son touched the hot pan on the stove for the first time.  He did not know it was hot. He didn’t know any better. Thankfully he wasn’t badly hurt. Thankfully he didn’t touch the hot pan again.

Live and learn.

It’s a terrible way learn though, by pain or surprise or both. I think any parent would agree that it’s better to give some warning to avoid the lesson. Even so, that won’t stop us from touching the hot pan, at least I know it wouldn’t stop me. I’d try anyway, just to make sure.

That’s a different kind of ignorance. Willful ignorance, ignorance with an emphasis on the “ignore” part of the word. I try it though I know there may be pain. It’s been my life history to have to try it. It’s not always that I don’t trust the advice or believe the advice. Sometimes that’s true certainly but other times I just have to find out to be sure. I have to live that tactile moment of cold fingers on a metaphorical hot pan. I must have that “ah yes, I see now…” response, learning through my fingers first.

Live and learn.

As I get older though, I find that I’m less likely need that live and learn, at least I hope that’s true. I’m more likely to listen and ponder, to tap fingers lightly on the edge or hover just above the metal long enough to feel the rising heat. I have less patience with the pain, more tolerance with the not knowing, trust in others who have gone before and passed along the wisdom of hot pans and knowing better.

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