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Day 10: Building a Fire


And now a word from our sponsors…

My husband and I make a business of building little fires with our work. We manage to cobble together a living with small projects and medium-sized projects and corporate gigs here and there. For the last three years while I’ve been working on my book, Nearly Orthodox, my husband Dave has been working on a book of his own.

The Hunting Accident is a graphic novel based on a true story. Dave first got wind of this a number of years ago when a friend told him the story of his father’s life journey one day over lunch. His friend’s father was blind and he had been telling everyone that he was blinded in a Hunting Accident. In reality, he was blinded in a liquor store robbery, in an attempt to get “made” by the mob in the 30’s. He was sent to prison where thrill killer Nathan Leopold became his cell mate.

The novel is the story of this relationship but also of the relationship between father and son. It is a story of redemption and beauty, struggle and grief. The art is unbelievable. Artist Landis Blair has done a remarkable job bringing Dave’s words to life on the page.

Because our business is making these fires we are launching a Kickstarter in an attempt to get it to catch on and turn into a blaze that will warm the cold winter to come. We’re close to getting this to press and word of mouth is important to build some awareness, some kindling, some spark.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out and help us to fan the flames.

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