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My sister in law saw my prayer rope on my wrist the day before yesterday. I had just put it back on moments earlier. I had lost track of it in all the cooking and dish washing and for a moment I thought I had tossed it out by accident.  I found it deep in my pocket when I was alone in my room. I sighed audibly in relief and then I kissed the cross, without even thinking about it. It’s become an anchor for me, when it’s not on my wrist I feel it’s absence.

Just after this I entered the kitchen again and V. saw it.  She put a finger on it softly.

“This is important, isn’t it? This has meaning to you.”

I had not yet mentioned to her my entering into Orthodoxy. I wondered what she’d make of it. I’m trying to be faithful about answering questions as they come up but it’s still hard, there’s still much I don’t know or even understand myself.  Her question was easy to answer though. It was easy to say, “yes…it is important. It means a great deal to me.”