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be grateful…

“Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe…” Hebrews 12:28

I don’t often have nightmares but when I do they usually revolve around some insecurity or another and for the most part they involve my children. They address my fears, my doubts, my shortcomings.

Last night I dreamt I was sitting in a comfortable chair in a room full of people I did not know. I was relaxing there, content, and a man approached me. He had a high powered firearm of some kind. I’m not well schooled enough to be able to say if it was semi automatic or automatic. In my head I registered it as a machine gun and yet I was not afraid.

In the dream I somehow believed the man was sent there to scare people. I believed that he was shooting blanks, it was an exercise of some kind to help people know the proper procedure for this sort of thing or perhaps to spur them to an action of one kind or another but in any case, I was not afraid. I did not think for a moment, sitting there in the armchair that I might die at his hand.

Then the man’s expression changed and he shot me and I felt it, a concussion to my chest and he shot again, more concussions but no pain. I saw the blood down the front of my body but felt no pain. I knew that I was not going to survive. I knew that I only had a moment or two before I would die so I summoned the one conscious thought I wanted to leave to the world…

Thank you, for my life.

And that was all. I woke up and the light had begun to creep across they sky. The room was warm and quiet and I was alive and I was profoundly grateful.

#fears #gratitude #guncontrol