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Air dancers


It has a name and it’s an awesome name. I was wondering about it for weeks, having driven by the same wind-whipped inflatable character near the car wash on Western Avenue. Its arms were outstretched, its wide smile and bright eyes popping out with each cycling of air through its slender body; collapsing and filling over and over. It got my attention. That is its only job.

So I went online to find out that these things are called Air Dancers. Such a beautiful idea in that name for such a mundane and perhaps unwanted task. Draw them in. They might NEED a car wash and not even realize we’re here!

My book, Nearly Orthodox, comes out soon. I should tell you that I back tracked three times typing out “my” book versus “the” book as though saying “the” makes it less like I’m selling something I made with my own hands on the side of the road.

In the end I settled on “my” because actually, I am selling something I made with my own hands on the side of the road.

The last few weeks I’ve remarked to several fellow writer friends that the “selling” part of the book is not nearly as fun as the writing part. The writing part, while laborious at times, was remarkable and revelatory. I was able to do it alone, in a comfortable chair, sipping tea or guzzling coffee. I was able to sob while I pushed through hard memories and grin when the words fit together nicely. When I finished the first draft I turned to my husband and said, “This was like therapy. Everyone should write a memoir.”

But the selling part is a stretch for me. It’s a whole other world.

That being said, I am thankful for the confidence that my publisher, Ancient Faith Press has in my work and for the awesome marketing plan they have in place. Still, so much depends on the people who have walked alongside in this part of the journey. So much depends on the people who have read my work here and on Mrs Metaphor and followed along on Twitter and Facebook. And so much depends on the people I’ve met at conferences and in churches and gatherings and in line at the Supermarket. I have to switch gears and set up the roadside stand, arranging my baked goods and crocheted doilies in an attractive manner.

The work of writing is done on this one. Now comes the part when I stand on the side of the road with the thing I made with my own hands and hope I picked a good spot with moderate traffic and interested parties who NEED this book but don’t even realize its here.

Maybe I will get one of those air dancers to draw a crowd.

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