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Advent: Noetic Fire

This whole month so far is a blur.

So, what else is new, right? I keep telling myself that at some point in my life I’m going to get my crap together and sit in some silence during this Nativity Fast. I keep thinking that tomorrow I’m going to get it all done and find that silent time and just breathe a little deeper.

Tomorrow came and went. Now it’s already just a couple of weeks til the feast.

Yikes. Time flies.

So today I slowed down a little. I read some poetry. I drank a cup of tea. All of these things reminded me to tell you that the new episode of The Wilderness Journal is up and it’s a good ‘un. With the continuation of my conversation with Summer Kinard and poetry from my friend Scott Cairns, this episode ought to be just what we need to stoke that noetic fire. 

Along with that my latest book releases this week on I’m doing a “virtual” book launch, meaning that if you go to my Facebook page, you can come and go as you like. The only downside to a virtual party is that I can’t offer you delicious food or drink to go with the book readings and peeks into my poorly functioning literal garden. Sorry.

Still, it’s a nice way to hang out, right? Be sure to pick up the new book here, and if you like it, I do hope you’ll give me a thumbs up on Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere that asks you how you like Garden in the East. 🙂

Here’s to putti