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30 (or 40) days of blogging…again


Last year I was scattered and wigged out. This year…well, okay this year I’m scattered and wigged out too. Let’s just admit that “scattered and wigged out” is my standard operating procedure. The minute I make it to “calm and collected” on a regular basis I’ll let you know, or maybe you’ll be the one to let me know. I might be so used to “scattered and wigged out” that the “calm and collected” would throw me into a panic, thus undoing all the hard work of years past.

This is why we need community. Remind me I said this.

That being said, I’ll start writing these short and topical posts this weekend. Be ye prepared. They even gave me a fancy badge (see above.) Regardless of what Gold Hat thinks in the Treasure of Sierra Madre, I like badges and I’ll gladly show it to anyone who asks. So there.

The parting thought I’ll give on this here endeavor is that every time I read the “30 (or 40) days of blogging” title I think about how perfect that is, considering it’s an Orthodox endeavor. If you’ve read “Nearly Orthodox” you’ll know already that the lack of uniformity makes me a little crazy where my adopted faith tradition is concerned. There are some things that transcend all the ethnic or cultural quirks, important things like the structure of Liturgy in particular, but there are quite a few areas in which the “what, when and how” are fluid, like water finding its way, like air through leaves and buildings, like layouts of different grocery stores in my neighborhood. Who puts the bread aisle across the way from produce? That’s just crazy talk.

In any case, this idea that we’ll write for 30…or maybe 40 days…is a perfect example of the fluidity in the tradition. It’s not haphazard but rather hits on what the Orthodox might call Oikonomia (also spelled oikonomeia, economia) a word that is usually applied to the church “canons” and which literally means, “household management.” Some people will blog all 40 days, some will call it at 30, some will fall in between. We’ll work according to our resources and our abilities here.

I’m aiming for 40 days but there’s no punishment for hitting less than that because the number isn’t really the point. We set a goal and while the goal has importance, we’re much more focused on the journey there, on the quality of the time we spend on the work and also on the in-between moments. So, I’ll aim to write 40 posts and then in the working out of that I’m going to make sure that my family time isn’t suffering, my prayer time and my work time are not suffering because to leave all that by the wayside while I only work toward a goal (even though the goal is worthy) means I’ve lost the proper perspective.

Balance is my watchword this season. Looking forward to yammering with you all for someplace between 30 and 40 days. 🙂